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Women's Classes

Monday & Wednesday

6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Why Tang Soo Do is the RIGHT choice:

Today women are looking for fitness programs that are exciting and different.  Repeating the same exercise in the gym everyday can become boring and are rarely goal oriented.  At the Dubuque Karate Club women are finding that the classes are exciting, fun and goal oriented.  They love the workout while at the same time they are learning valuable self defense and survival skills.

Women attending classes find they improve balance, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness while building coordination and self confidence.  Tang Soo Do also helps reduce daily stress.

Our goal is to create an environment that gives each individual the opportunity to pursue and achieve a greater level of personal success and freedom.

See for yourself why so many women are now studying martial arts.  Just fill out our FREE class form or call today (563) 583-8256.

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