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Bully-Proof Your Child


    Everyone is talking about bullying. The truth is, bullies have been around forever and will always be here to torment us. Unfortunately, bullying is becoming an epidemic.


    So, what can we do?


    The first, and best, defense against bullies is confidence. Having the confidence to stand up to the bullies in school, at work, and even in our relationships. 

    Our age appropriate classes allow us to develop methods to deal with every situation. We teach our students that there is a difference between walking away and running away from a  bully.  Through role play, we help teach your child to reognize bullies, and how to deal with different situations.  As parents, we hope your child will never be faced with a bully, but the reality is that everyone will come face to face with a bully at some point in their life.  When this happens, we want our children to be prepared to handle the situation. Once we have exhausted every other attempt to end the bullying we want our child to be able to defend themselves if attacked physically.

    We start by teaching your child verbal assertiveness, and to not kick or punch. Instead, we use defensive techniques to control and neutralize the attack.  Today, many children who are confronted with a bully will not defend themselves for fear of retribution from school officials, or even their own parents. 














We follow several basic rules of engagement:


  1. Always try to avoid the bully and not fight if possible.

  2. If attacked, defend yourself.

  3. If bullied, tell your teacher, parents, and persons of authority.


    The fact is, the ones being bullied know they must stand up to the bully, but it is the fear of injury that prevents them from doing so. So, how do we solve this problem?  The answer is, teach them to defend themselves against a physical attack, and the rest will take care of itself. 

    It is the combination of self-confidence and having the skills to defend themselves that will make the difference.

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