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Welcome to the

American Tang Soo Do

Karate Alliance


    The ATKA was founded in January of 2011 by Grandmaster David J. Schmitt for the benefit of his students and branch studios, and now offers those in the art of Tang Soo Do who have lost their instructors an opportunity to continue their personal growth, and continued growth of their studios through membership in the Alliance.  It is our goal to build a unique blend of old traditional and modern day martial arts training, and to uphold the traditional values of martial arts, respect, discipline, loyalty, and honor.  

  • The Alliance is made up of certified Tang Soo Do members, including gup ranks, Dan Ranks, and Master Ranks. 

  • The ATKI has an appointed Board of Directors, Master’s Council, and technical advisory board, with its primary function to perform as an advisory committee for the Grandmaster.

  • The Alliance is a martial arts organization that is dedicated to preserve the high standards of the traditional martial art of “Tang Soo Do”. This includes its history, principles, techniques, philosophy, and its way of life.

  • We offer our members and member studios the highest quality and standards of instruction available today. Training camps, clinics, special seminars, manuals (for gup and Dan members), and certification for all ranks from white belt to masters rank. 

  • Our members receive student manuals, patches, and material for training. The ATKA also sponsors local and national open tournaments, as well as Black Belt and Master clinics.

  • The American Tang Soo Do Karate Alliance is a member-friendly organization, and continues to develop the most modern methods of self-defense to benefit its members.

  • All of our black belt instructors and studios are certified by the ATKA. 

  • Not only does our organization offer gup certification testing, it provides Ko Dan Ja, Yu Dan Ja, Kyo-Sa, and Sa-Bom testing and certification to all members.

  • Over 50 years of experience and commitment to excellence has earned Grandmaster  Schmitt the reputation as one of the finest martial arts instructors in Tang Soo D.

  • If you are looking for a quality martial arts organization to belong to, you are invited to visit us and see for yourself who we are. 




 For more information, please contact the Dubuque Karate Club.





Grandmaster David J. Schmitt

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