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Dubuque Saber Academy







Master Ron, an Internationally Certified Master Instructor with over 40 years experience in martial arts and tactical weapons, is taking the art of the saber to a whole new universe.  


The theory and concept of our program is influenced by Eastern Philosophy and traditional martial arts.  Our goal is to create a professional & ultimate saber training experience.  


    Master Ron Schmitt is a Master like his father before him.   His father, Grandmaster David J. Schmitt, is an 8th Degree Black Belt with over 50 years experience, which has given Master Ron opportunities the average martial artist can only dream of. He has had the honor and privilege to study, train, and teach Masters and Grandmasters, with various weapons from different styles and systems, from around the world. Master Ron is a 6th Degree Senior Master Instructor in Korean Tang Soo Do (forerunner of Tae Kwon Do), and was knighted under the late Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin. Grandmaster Shin was the founder of one of the largest Korean martial arts organizations in the world. Master Ron also holds a Level 3 black belt in Modern Arnis Filipino Martial Arts, and was promoted by Grandmaster Remy Presas Jr.  Master Ron earned a Bachelor degree in Philosophy with emphasis in Eastern Philosophy. Jediism is an actual philosophy that is also taught at the Dubuque Saber Academy and is most similar to the teachings of Buddhism and Taoism. The general emphasis is placed on Ki/Chi energy aka "the force", defined as life's energy. This is acquired through meditation and letting go of negativity, keeping a positive attitude, never giving up, and striving to be your best and embracing life. 


    In 2007, Master Ron created his own tactical weapons fighting system of martial arts. He is the President and Founder of the U.S. Tactical Martial Arts Alliance.  The Weapons Academy is an eclectic organization that teaches both traditional and modern weapons, combined with open handed martial arts.   The actual saber techniques Master Schmitt teaches have been inspired by his tactical weapon's academy. The curriculum is a culmination of Kobodo (traditional weapons of Okinawa, Japan), sword techniques influenced from Kendo/Gumdo, Iadio, Kenjutsu, Filipino Stick Fighting, and more. The class follows the teaching of the Bushido Code, which is the way of the Samurai; the Way of the Warrior. 


    Master Schmitt hand picked a council of dedicated black belts and students and spent over a year developing a saber curriculum, in anticipation of launching the Saber Academy. The curriculum also focuses on competition training, as well as stage performances. This class is not intended to be a larping group or cosplay program. We are not interested in playing star wars or lightsabers.  Rather, its overall purpose was to create a program completely different than anything being offered.  The program is lighthearted, fun, and action packed, yet students simultaneously learn a curriculum and skill set with substance and value. We teach students not only to execute techniques, but also the mechanics and applications of how those moves are applied in the realm of combat and self-defense. In many ways, this is an advanced sword training program that incorporates teaching philosophies that combine Jediism, Eastern philosophies, and martial arts. 


    The Dubuque Saber Academy has been featured on the front page of the Telegraph Herald, KWWL News, KWQC Quad City News, LCTV, and was picked up by the Associate Press giving us National and Global Attention.




Our Saber Academy is not affiliated with Disney or Lucasfilm LTD, Star Wars, or any LFL., Ltd Film or Franchise.  We are fan based group teaching Fencing, Kendo, and various martial arts sword drills utilizing light up combat dueling sabers as props.  Our sabers are purchased from licensed saber manufactures.  Our goal is to unite saber enthusiasts and share our passion for saber training



What you'll learn:


Our program focuses on four pillars:  


-Fundamentals of attack and defense strategies.

-Competition conditioning skills.

-Action performance training.

-Warrior Attitude


In addition to our extensive curriculum, intermediate/advance students will learn unique reaction, balance, and flow drills, disarming techniques, saber staff, double saber, saber dagger defense techniques, and saber sparring strategies.  


The Saber


Our academy does not view a light up saber as a toy or a prop.  Rather as an elegant weapon to be used responsibly and treated with courtesy and respect.  


Saber Specifications for Classroom Training


To ensure safety, our saber academy will only permit sabers from specific saber manufactures.  All sabers must be inspected and approved by Master Schmitt prior to training.  


-No pointed or bullet tip.  (round tip only)

-Minimum blade length 24''.

-Maximum blade length 32''

-Heavy Grade Dueling Blades ONLY.


Class is taught in a safe and controlled environment. Therefore, sabers will be available for purchase through the academy, prices vary.  Homemade sabers will not be permitted.  


Class Info:  


-Classes meet Monday Evenings 7:15-8:15pm

-Ages 12 and up

-Note 8-11 year old seminars offered throughout the year.  (details announced on Facebook)

-Small group classes and seminars are available.  

-For pricing and class information contact Master Ron Schmitt. Facebook:  MasterRonSchmitt  

Facebook:  EliteSaberTrainingAlliance

phone (563) 583-8256


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